July 1st  -  5th, 2014         Krems, Austria

The Waldviertel, the north-western region of Lower Austria, has always been remote, apart from the crossroads of history. The grand abbey of Zwettl traces its origins back to the early Middle Ages when the Waldviertel region was first cultivated and settled.Abbey Zwettl


Stift Zwettl is famous for its medieval structures of the prominent cloister and the Gothic library with its opulent Baroque interior. The guided tour through the Medieval, Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque monastery including portal, cloisters, dormitory, chapter house and church takes about one hour. You can take advantage of the excellent audio-guides.



The splendid gardens of Zwettl monastery invite the visitor to take in the scenery, enjoy the fragrances and simply relax. The terraced gardens on various levels include a small garden laid out in accordance with the principles of Hildegard von Bingen, a “Liebfrauen” garden and a herbarium containing specimens of a wide variety of herbs.


Abbey Zwettl Abbey Zwettl Abbey Zwettl