July 1st  -  5th, 2014         Krems, Austria

In 1992, ACDCA (Austrian Center for Didactics of Computer Algebra) began a conference series focusing on the use of symbolic calculation software in mathematics education. The first international conference dedicated to the use of the symbolic calculation software Derive took place in 1994. After that time, ACDCA and Derive conferences (to which the TI-92 symbolic calculator was added in 1996) were held in alternating years. In 2002, the two conferences were merged into one for the first time, in Vienna, Austria. In 2012, Derive conferences were renamed as "Conferences for CAS in Education & Research".

Previous Conferences:

  • 1992: 1st ACDCA Summer Academy, Krems, Austria
  • 1993: 2nd ACDCA Summer Academy, Krems, Austria
  • 1994: 1st Int’l Derive Conference, Plymouth, UK
  • 1995: 3rd ACDCA Summer Academy, Honolulu, USA
  • 1996: 2nd Int’l Derive and TI-92 Conference, Bonn, Germany
  • 1997: 4th ACDCA Summer Academy, Sarö, Sweden
  • 1998: 3rd Int’l Derive & TI-89/92 Conference, Gettysburg, PA, USA
  • 1999: 5th ACDCA Summer Academy, Gösing, Austria
  • 2000: 6th ACDCA Summer Academy, Portoroz, Slovenia
  • 2000: 4th Int’l Derive & TI-89/92 Conference, Liverpool, UK
  • 2002: Visit-me 2002 Joint Conference: 7th ACDCA Summer Academy and 5th Int’l Derive & TI-89/92 Conference, Vienna, Austria. (http://www.acdca.ac.at/visit-me-2002)
  • 2004: TIME-2004 Joint Conference: 8th ACDCA Summer Academy and 6th Int’l Derive & TI-CAS-Conference, Montreal, Canada. (http://www.time-2004.etsmtl.ca/)
  • 2006: DES-TIME 2006 Joint Conference: 9th ACDCA Summer Academy and 7th Int’l Derive & TI-CAS-Conference. Dresden, Germany.
  • 2008: TIME 2008 Joint Conference: 10th ACDCA Summer Academy and 8th Int’l Derive & TI-CAS-Conference. Buffelspoort Resort, South Africa. (http://time.tut.ac.za/)
  • 2010: TIME 2010 Joint Conference: 11th ACDCA Summer Academy and 9th Int’l TI-Inspire & Derive Conference. Malaga, Spain. (http://www.time2010.uma.es/)
  • 2012: TIME 2012 Joint Conference: 12th ACDCA Summer Academy and 10th Int’l TI-Inspire & Derive Conference. Tartu, Estonia. (http://time2012.ut.ee/)

Scope of conferences:

The TIME conferences - founded by ACDCA (Austrian Centre for Didactics of Computer Algebra) - deal primarily with didactical issues connected with the use of technology. The conferences for CAS in Education & Research are geared towards exploring the use of CAS software and  symbolic calculators in education (at the high school, lycée, college and university levels) and towards using these tools in programming and research. These conferences are open to users of all symbolic/numeric systems (ie. not restricted to symbolic calculation as described). All interesting uses of technology related to mathematics education or innovative pedagogical approaches can form the basis of a conference lecture.